Dear Francis

Winner – Best Documentary at the Heartland Film Festival and the United Nations Film Festival.

This was our first feature, filmed in 2004 in the days before HD cameras as modern documentary film possibilities were just starting to take shape. It screened on Showtime TV and The Movie Channel from 2007-2008.

SYNOPSIS: The UN declared the small African kingdom of Swaziland to be the world’s most HIV-infected nation with nearly 40% of its adult population carrying the virus. Experts claimed that within 50 years the Swazi people may become extinct unless profound change was realized. Shortly after the official declaration, Lance and Kelly, two Texas college students with high ideals, great hopes, and a bit of naiveté embark on a most unconventional AIDS prevention program to Swaziland. Dear Francis puts a face to the AIDS pandemic as it chronicles the personal stories of two strangers and the Swazis they befriend. Their insights and commentaries are some of the most enlightening and heart-wrenching interviews on the AIDS crisis to ever see the screen. Through this unique story, the film leaves the viewer feeling surprisingly hopeful.